Swimming Pool Kit Differences

Things to consider before you buy inground pool kits would be, is shipping free?  With our Cornerstone swimming pool kits, shipping is 100% free but on all Fiberglass Swimming Pool kits shipping is an extra fee; both inground pools will ship factory direct to your home.  Free shipping is just one of the difference is between our Cornerstone Inground Swimming Pools Kits and our Fiberglass Swimming Pools.

Pool Kits Installation

The fiberglass swimming pool kit will require a crane to unload and place while our Cornerstone pool kits would be unloaded manually from a common freight carrier and come with free curb side lift gate service. Cornerstone inground Swimming pool kits take about a week to install while Fiberglass swimming pools take around 1 – 2 days.

Inground Pool Kits Technical Support

Full technical factory direct support is included when you buy inground pool kits from Pool Warehouse!  The support is only available when you purchase one of our Steel or Polymer wall swimming Pool kits; no technical or installation support is included with our fiberglass inground pool kits.

Pool Kits Warranty

A full lifetime warranty is offered on our Cornerstone swimming pools, while we do not offer a warranty on our fiberglass swimming pool kits.

Why Buy Inground Pool Kits

Why would you buy a fiberglass pool kit over our Cornerstone inground pool?  Ease of installation and the fact that some customer simply only like the feel, look and quality found with a fiberglass inground swimming pool kit.  Also you can save over $10,000 when you buy inground pool kits direct and not through a local dealer.

Have Questions

If you have questions at any time about about which swimming pool kit is right for you please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-515-1747 or send us an email, sale@poolwarehouse.com.  We’ve been selling pool kits for online for over 15 years making us Americas #1 choice to buy inground pool kits!

At Pool Warehouse, We Know Swimming Pools!

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