Inground Pool Kit

Pool Warehouse sells a wide variety of swimming pool kits because we know that there’s nothing more refreshing than taking a cool dip in your very own inground pool kit.  At Pool Warehouse we makes your dream of owning an inground pool kit a reality with our easy to install kits.  Simply choose the shape or style that suits your taste from our inground pool kit options menu and then we make it easy to get your new pool kit installed.  Pool Warehouse provides the very best resources for DIY inground pool kit installations and with over 15 years online swimming pool kit sales experience you can rest assured we will get your order right.  We also make the quoting process simple just click on one of the links below to start building and quoting your brand new inground pool kit.

Inground Pool Kit

Inground Pool kit Equipment

 Some sites make you pay to add the small things like, sand for your filter or re-bar stakes…at Pool Warehouse we include EVERYTHING you will need to install your inground  kit!  We want you to enjoy your new investment as quickly as possible, that is why we also include technical support.  All or our inground pool kits include top quality technical drawings, permit advice, dig specs, and much more that is specific to your exact swimming pool kit.  When you purchase your inground pool kit from Pool Warehouse, everything you need for a successful installation is included at the same low price we always offer!

Top Of  The Line Inground Pool Kit Walls

Pool Warehouse offers top of the line Polymer or Steel wall inground pool kits.  Our swimming pool kits are manufactured by using state-of-the-art materials, manufacturing techniques and technology.  We use a five-bolt support connection for each panel, a full 24” deck support brace, and walls that are 50% sturdier that average swimming pool walls.  In addition, we also include all nuts, bolts, fittings, re-bar and more.  We want you to enjoy decades of family fun and memories from your swimming pool and so we strive to give you not only the best functioning product but all the technical support you need.

Pool Warehouse doesn’t sell “Economy” Inground Pool Kits that are missing essential parts or come with sub standard equipment that will need to be upgraded later.  All of our in ground Polymer Pool Kits come standard with Premium Hayward Pool Equipment Products and top of the line Hydra Swimming Pool Panels!  Pool Warehouse offers a complete line of Hydra polymer and steel wall swimming pool kits, both inground pool kits will come with all the equipment need for installation.

Swimming Pool Liners

Every inground pool kit we sell includes an vinyl swimming pool liner that comes with a 20 year warranty!  The liners in our inground pool kits are manufactured using the highest quality materials that are designed to resist splitting and tearing and survive drastic changes in climate.  From the harshest sun to freezing temperatures, our liners will always stand up to the test.  We offer over 30 different patters and 4 different wall thicknesses to choose form!

  • 20 Mil Liners
  • 28 Mil Liners
  • 30 Mil Liner
  • 28/30 Mil Liners
Swimming Pool Liners

To view our swimming pool liners click here: Swimming Pool Liners

Inground Pool Kit Questions?

If you have questions about our inground pool kits at any time please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-515-1747 or send us an email,

At Pool Warehouse, We Know Inground Pool Kits!

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