18 x 36 Rectangle Inground Swimming Pool Liners

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18 x 36 Rectangle Inground Swimming Pool Liners

All Pool Liners Start Production After Receipt Of Payment & Measurement Forms.

18 x 36 Rectangle Inground Swimming Pool Liners

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Pool Warehouse (PW) is proud to offer 100% Virgin Vinyl 18 x 36 Rectangle Inground Swimming Pool Liners manufactured in the USA! Here at PW we have three different mils of vinyl liners to select from. Customers ask us about the thickness of the vinyl liners all the time. Most people think that just because one liner is thicker than another, it means it is better. Thicker liners do not typically last any longer than the industry standard 20Mil liner. 12 to 15 years is about the average replacement age of all vinyl pool liners. The warranty is exactly the same on all Rectangle Replacement Swimming Pool liners from Pool Warehouse which is 20 years.

Pool Warehouse offers 4 different vinyl liner thicknesses:

  • 20Mil
  • 27 Mil
  • 28Mil
  • 30Mil
  • 28/20 Mil Fusion: this liner is made up of 28Mil wall material, and 20Mil floor material.

The thickness of a vinyl pool liner is not the most important aspect of your swimming pool kit purchase. In fact, we tell our customers to not worry about the thickness of the liner, worry about the pattern. You are going to be staring at the pool liner for many years to come, so pick your liner based on the beauty. You know what they say, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, so choose your new in-ground swimming pool liner based on what you think is beautiful to you.

So folks, sit back and think about enjoying and ice cold beverage alongside your beautiful new backyard oasis from Pool Warehouse. Call one of our swimming pool kit specialists, or pool liner specialists today to personally assist you in your purchase.

Pool Warehouse offers free shipping on all 18 x 36 Rectangle Inground Swimming Pool Liners to 37 states in the USA and all of our rectangle replacement swimming pool liners come with a free 20 year warranty! All of our pool liners American made and ship out of the state of Tennessee. We also offer a 24 hour express service for those needing their liner for an upcoming weekend pool party. Make sure to give us a call with any questions you might have.

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Additional information

Weight150 lbs
Dimensions39 × 32 × 24 in
Liner Pattern

Blue Diamond (30 mil), Blueridge River (27 mil), Brenton Braid (27/20 mil), Caribbean Sand Stone (30 mil), Cascade Diffusion (27/20 mil fusion), Cascade River (27 mil), Covington (27/20 mil), Florence Tile (20 mil), Greystone River Blue (20 mil), Panama Coast (27 mil), Pedra Fe (30 mil), Riverview Diffusion (27/20 mil fusion), Samara Coast (30 mil), Summer Blue River (20 mil), Sunburst Tile (20 mil), Ashbury (20 mil), Avalon (20 mil), Royal Jellystone All Over (20 mil), Honolulu Reflections (20 mil), Woven Wave (20 mil), Cambridge Aquarius (20 mil), Balanced Braid (27 mil), Chevron (27 mil), "HD" Electric Blue Oxford (28 mil), "HD" Electric Blue Seawall (28 mil), Shimmering Butterfly Effect (28 mil), Embossed Blue Slate (28 mil Embossed), Mountain Top Mosaic (36 mil), Ocean Blue (30 mil), Greystone Seaglass (30 mil)


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