AQL2 Hayward Wireless Base Antenna


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AQL2 Hayward Wireless Base Antenna

Hayward Goldline AQL2-BASE-RF wireless base receiver sold as an option to ProLogic, AquaPlus, On-Command or E-command control systems when adding wireless control. Installs directly onto the side of a Hayward Pro Logic or Aqua Plus, On-Command or E-Command 4 main control unit. Fully compatible with all Pro Logic, E-Command 4, on Command and Aqua Plus systems featuring r2.60 software or higher. Communicates with all other wireless accessories. Most advanced radio communication technology to ensure reliable and secure operation in distances up to 500′ unobstructed and up to 200′ when walls and other obstructions are present.

AQL2 Hayward Wireless Base Antenna
AQL2 Hayward Wireless Base Antenna Features:
• Compatible with Pro Logic, Aqua Plus and OnCommand systems
• Only 1 wireless base required per system

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