Hayward Goldline Sense & Dispense Total pH Dispense


  • Designed to install on a standard CO2 tank and wire directly to the Aqua Rite Pro or Pro Logic
  • Using the AQL-CHEM kit, the Aqua Rite Pro or Pro Logic will sense the pH level and if needed, the AQL-CHEM2 will inject CO2 into the pool water
  • Kit contains pressure reducing regulator, 110-VAC solenoid valve with power cord, nylon washer, flexible tubing and PVC check valve injector

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Hayward Goldline Sense & Dispense Total pH Dispense

This professional-grade ORP (chlorine) and pH Sense and Dispense technology was previously only available for commercial pools. Hayward now offers an economical approach, with the same level of accuracy, for residential pools. Sense and Dispense uses a proportional feed algorithm that continuously tests the water, sampling pH and chlorine levels, and adjusting chemical feeding on a basis proportional to the demand. Other approaches don’t sample the water often enough and release larger doses, which is far less effective and can create highs and lows similar to a manual approach.

Adding Sense and Dispense to your Aqua Rite Pro, Aqua Plus or Pro Logic is a fully integrated solution not an additional box that resides on your pool pad. This eliminates additional installation costs and provides a single source for status reporting and control.

Hayward Goldline Sense & Dispense Total pH Dispense

Sense and Dispense consists of two kits. The first kit senses pH and chlorine levels and dispenses a self-renewing supply of chlorine generated from salt. pH dispense can be achieved using the second kit (this product), which includes a manifold that connects to a CO2 tank or a carbonic acid feeding tank. These are highly effective solutions to lower pH as it tends to drift up with salt-chlorinated pools.

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