Osaki TI Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair


  • Touch Screen Remote!
  • Toe Massage
  • Osaki Massage ChairsAdjustable Shoulder Massage
  • Arm Massage
  • 2 Stage Recline Positioning
  • Hip Massage
  • Lower Back Heat & Calf Heat
  • 3 Program Memory Function
  • Bluetooth Connection to Android

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Osaki TI Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair with Touch Screen Remote

The Osaki TI Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair packs a punch at a great price. A full body massage experience is at your fingertips with a deep 32″ 3D massage roller, 61 airbags that provide therapeutic relief, foot rollers that targets that acupuncture points along the soles of your feet, and 3 memory slots to customize and save your own massage program. The Osaki TI Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair is the latest in Titan technology and innovation. Incorporating all the latest massage chair ingenuity, the Pro Executive offers the most features and function in the Titan line up of luxury massage chairs. This chair is keen on attention and has improved many features. Come and experience the Titan difference.

Osaki TI Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki TI Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair – with Touch Screen Remote Features:

  • Touch Screen Remote!
  • Toe Massage
  • Adjustable Shoulder Massage
  • Arm Massage
  • 2 Stage Recline Positioning
  • Hip Massage
  • Lower Back Heat & Calf Heat
  • 3 Program Memory Function
  • Bluetooth Connection to Android

The shoulder massagers are adjustable to accommodate various heights and builds. Typically the shoulder massagers are stationary and can not be adjusted, neglecting the taller and shorter users. Directly above the shoulder massagers are hi-quality speakers that will sync with your device to play your favorite tunes while enjoying your personal massage.


The arm massager is 20″ in length, composed of 4 airbags per side that surround the forearms, wrist and hands. The inner lining is made of durable spandex that comfortably contours to the shape of the user’s arms.


The hip massagers inflate and deflate creating a multitude of different massage actions. When only one side inflates it promotes a twisting action. When both sides inflated it compresses the hips inward providing a firm squeeze. Located on the seat base are airbags to prop one side higher than the other, adding a new dimension to the hip twist.


In the lower back along the lumbar region are 2 heating pad that reaches a soothing temperature of 104 – 122 Fahrenheit. With the heat application, it will enhance the feel of the roller head massage.


Along the outer waist are additional air bags to compliment the hip airbags. The airbags in the backrest will inflate independently to promote a deeper twist.


On the center of the remote is the auto recline position button. If you press once, it will go into a reclined position with the seat base slight more pitched. Press it a second time and the chair will be in the full recline position placing the feet close to heart level. While the recline position can be customized, the preset recline settings are recommended.

The leg and waist stretch is applied by inflating the airbags in the feet and then retracting downwards creating a pulling action. This action will repeat multiple times during the course of the auto stretch program.


To accommodate the varying height of users, the leg portion is adjustable. The leg massager is on a steel track in 2 different sections. One focusing on the feet and the other on the calves. Gently press your feet down until they are fully extended. The spring will allow for 9 inches (23 cm) of extension.


The foot massagers have 3 rows of rollers on the base. Typically most chairs have 1-2 rows, covering only the toes and bridge. With 3 rollers, majority of the bottoms of the feet are massaged including the ankle and Achilles. At the rear of the foot massagers are airbags intended for squeezing of the ankle and heel. With a close toes system, the toes are pampered with an independent toe massage which is refreshing after a long day. As the foot rollers massage the bottoms of the feet, airbags from sides and top inflate pressing the feet down for a more pressurized massage.


3D massage technology provides a much more consistent massage throughout the back. The natural curves of the spine require the rollers to be able to retract in and out to compensate for multiple levels of depth as it rolls down the back. With 3D technology this now possible! A consistent amount of pressure is applied to the massage, enhancing your massage experience. On the top of the shoulder, the massage heads will protrude forward pressing down from the top of the shoulders. This innovative massage technology has received high praise for its life-like feel.


Osaki TI Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair
From the shoulders down to the feet, there are a total of 61 airbags thoughtfully placed throughout the chair, massaging all the key areas for an effective massage. 61 airbags are complemented with 8 magnetic nodes and 2 air pumps for a dependable and strong massage. The airbag massage intensity can be adjusted to 3 levels, mild, medium and strong. The added innovation is that you can control the intensity independently from the arms and the legs. For most chairs, the intensity of the air pressure is the same throughout.

There are total of 6 preset programs. Each one focusing more towards a specific massage discipline and style. Instead of fussing with creating a custom program, you can simply press one of the 6 professionally design preset programs. Select from TIME, FINE, RELAX, STIFFNESS, AIR PRESSURE and WAIST STRETCH.

For the ones that are more specific with their massage, you can store up to 3 customized massage programs into the remote by simply activating all the features you like and then pressing down A,B or C for the chair to memorize. When pressing down you will hear a beep indicating that the chair has completed storing the program. From that point forward simply get in the chair, power it on and then select the customized program. The A, B and C buttons are located to the right of the red power button on the remote.


The remote is mounted to a stand that swivels and moves forward and back. The remote has color-coded indicating functions of the buttons. The Large VFD color display allows you to see what the chair is doing and where it is massaging.

Sync your music from your phone or tablet to the chair and play your favorite tunes as you enjoy a relaxing massage. The high-quality speakers pump out a clear and crisp sound, dampening the sounds of your surroundings.

Equipped with the latest technology, it allows for the rollers to map the back curvature with even more accuracy, which translates into a more precise massage hitting all in the key areas. Regardless of your body type, this highly advanced chair can measure many body types, making each massage experience feel customized.

Osaki TI Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair: PRODUCT SPECIFICATION
Android App – used to control your massage chair – click here to download

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