Zoomerang Swimming Pool Slide

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  • Color: White
  • Curve: Right
  • Weight Limit: 200 lb
  • Can Be Added To Any Of Our Swimming Pool Kits.


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Zoomerang Swimming Pool Slide

The Zoomerang swimming pool slide is our newest slide and already a sensation!  Its revolutionary Zoom-flume water system that pumps up to 35 gallons of water per hour creates a torrent of water that adds even more zip to the zoom.  Its compact size means it can fit almost anywhere, and it’s designed for both above ground pools with decks and 48″ wall and residential inground pools. Installs on 3′ x 6′ minimum deck space. This Zoomerang water slide is kid-sized, and packed full of fun!  The Zoom Flume water delivery system provides lots of rushing water to make you feel like you’re at the water park!  This slide is available in a right turn configuration.  Also make sure to remember that the Zoomerang swimming pool slide can be added to swimming pool kits sold by Pool Warehouse!

Zoomerang Swimming Pool Slide Features:

  • Seating Area 3′ (37″)
  • Stainless Steel Rails & Legs
  • Discretely Sits Below a 6′ Privacy Fence
  • Minimum Recommended Deck Space  8′ 0″ x 4′ 0″ Note: the position of the slide on your deck can affect the amount of deck space required for your slide
  • Can be used on inground pools that have a vinyl swimming pool liner.
  • The Zoom Flume splashes up to 35 gallons of water per hour!
  • Turn your pool into a waterpark and become the talk of the neighborhood !


We offer a complete lineup of residential swimming pool slides to transform your backyard from boring to a personal water park in your own backyard!  From our 3’ Zoomerang slide to our 6’4” Wild Ride slide to the 360˚ thrill ride of our G-Force slide, you are sure to find lots of splash excitement for even the most discriminating slider.

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