Pool Warehouse Warranty FAQs

Pool Warehouse Warranty FAQs

At Pool Warehouse we believe our customer come first. This is why we are so dedicated to providing our customers with the best customer service available.  Our Customers receive direct assistance straight from the manufacture (providing validation for your product’s Life Time Transferable Warranty) and friendly service from our staff to ensure customer satisfaction.  All of our products carry the manufacturer’s warranties and some products may also include an extended warranty from Pool Warehouse. Pool Warehouse can help you with any warranty claims you may have or you can always contact the manufacturer directly.  It is important that you make sure to keep up with all warranty cards and warranty information supplied with your products.  Our inground pool kits come with components and equipment from several different manufacturers.  At Pool Warehouse we’ve been selling inground pool kits online for over 15 years.  Our swimming pool kits are time tested and home owner approved.  We don’t just say our pool kits are quality, we have a 15 year track record that proves it.  At Pool Warehouse we also include a free 20 year warranty on all brand new or replacement inground swimming pool liners.

How Is My Pool Kit Delivered?

Your inground pool kit will be shipped to the address specified 10-15 days prior to the payment approval.  Shipping is included inside the continental USA with no sales tax (outside of TN).  Items that are special order (such as custom swimming pool liners, safety pool covers, etc.) may not arrive with the pool kit. Most inground pool kits will be shipped on 3-4 standard 4×8 pallets.  The number of pallets may vary depending on the shape and size of the pool kit.  Due to the large size of any of our inground pool kits, they can only be shipped via truck or common carrier.

How Do I Get The Pool Kit Off The Truck & Who Is Responsible?

We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with their new investment, that is why we want the customer to inspect all items to ensure nothing is damaged or missing. Therefore, we make it the customer’s responsibility to unload the truck and inform the carrier before leaving if there are any damaged and/or missing items.


The pallets which the swimming pool kit arrives are securely wrapped and easily opened to remove box by box.  The driver is not responsible to unloading your pool kit or other purchases.  The driver may help but is not required; and whatever the driver unloads, please thoroughly check to ensure nothing has been damaged.  Please keep in mind that your products are shipped factory direct so Pool Warehouse no control over what happens to the items when being shipped.

What If We Have Questions When Installing Our Inground Pool Kit?

If you have questions or concerns with installing your inground pool kit, please do not hesitate to call the technical support phone number found in your swimming pool kit installation guide.  Call times are Monday thru Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM EST.  The courteous swimming pool professionals have over 20 years of experience and will gladly guide you thought the pool kit building process and answer any questions you may have.

My Swimming Pool Kit Is Installed But Not Working Properly

Every Homeowner should have their swimming pool kits site excavated by a professional to assure accuracy and correct specifications.  The pool kit also needs to be wired by a licensed electrician.  All other steps may be performed by the homeowner (depending on level of skill) or hired handy-man.  Due to our sales being factory direct, most inground pool kit dealers will not want to install the swimming pool with the equipment they do not sell.  As a result, homeowners will need to deal with a local licensed contractor or carpenter rather than the pool kit dealer.

Pool Warehouse Warranty FAQs

If you have questions please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-515-1747 or send us an email, sale@poolwarehouse.com.

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