2019 Best Above Ground Pools

2019 Best Above Ground Pools

Top 3, 2019 Best Above Ground Pools

Looking for 2019 Best Above Ground Pools list? Well, we’ve got it for you! Pool Warehouse sells thousands of above ground pools and can help you find the perfect fit for your backyard. We’ve gone ahead and taken all the guesswork out of the selection process. Check out the above ground pools that made our 2019 top 3 list below. These pools range from 52″ wall height to 54″ and some even have options for saltwater compatibility. If you’re serious about an above ground pool then let us help you make the perfect choice for your backyard!

1. Dubai, 54″ Wall – Best Of The Best Winner!

Dubai Above Ground Pool Kits

The Dubai above ground pool won best in class, best value, best design and best quality in our 54″ wall category. The Dubai is considered a “hybrid”  pool and is constructed to withstand the changing seasons and all that they bring. The beautiful 8″ resin ledge resists weather, water and wear. The durable 6″ steel uprights come equipped with unique interlocking two-piece resin caps that provide strength, support, and style.

Best of all the Dubai has Heavy-Duty RESIN TOP & BOTTOM Tracks!

We’ve added oversized RESIN Top Connectors, RESIN Bottom Connector/foot collar combination and oversized fasteners…the Dubai is really the best Above Ground Pools in its category!  With Resin features, you have a pool that will last a lifetime of summers. Best of all its fully Salt-Water Compatible! Customers also love the color co-ordinated Mist upright columns and matching top ledges that blend with nearly any landscape to provide a natural, comforting scene. This Dubai pool remains beautiful year after year, while it enhances the value of your property.2019 Best Above Ground Pools

Features You Will Love!

  • 54″ Walls
  • Top Seat – 8″ Extruded Resign Top Seat
  • Top Track – Resin
  • Top Connector – Resin
  • Bottom Track – Resin
  • Bottom Connector – Resin
  • Uprights – 6″ Galvanized Steel

Details You Will Appreciate!

  • Best Of The Best Category Winner!
  • Fully Salt Water Compatible!
  • Elegant Mist Colored Walls!
  • Buttress – Round Pool Models Do Not Use Buttresses!
  • Uprights – This pool has 22 uprights
  • Installation Manual – Dubai Installation Guide

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2. Mountain Loch, 52″ Wall – Best Of The Best Winner!

The Mountain Loch won best in class, best value, best design and best quality in our 52″ wall category! From the heavy gauge steel walls to the hot-dip galvanized steel components, you know from the first tough that this pool is cut above the rest. Additionally, after the hot-dip galvanization process, all compotes are given additional weather protection by the application of a Polyester “Weatherizer” paint coating. Finally, an attractive pattern is added to the walls and then sealed with our resilient Krystal Kote® coating, which provides an extra barrier from the elements and pool chemicals.

The Mountain Loch has the Best Quality, Best Value & Best Design in its class!

The cognac-colored pool frame includes a 6″ steel ledge and 5″ steel upright post, each protected with polyester paint and clear Krystal Kote® topcoat. NEW two-piece injection molded high impact Resin caps and injection molded high impact Resin post collar complete the structure. The sub-frame consists of Double-Rolled Steel Tracks joined with large, heavy gauge connectors and oversized hardware. The Mountain Loch is the 2nd pool to make our 2019 Best Above Ground Pools list!

Mountain Loch Above Ground Pool Kits

Features You Will Love!

  • 52″ Walls
  • Top Seat – 6″ Galvanized Steel
  • Seat Cap – Resin
  • Top Track – Galvanized Steel
  • Bottom Track – Galvanized Steel
  • Bottom Connector – Galvanized Steel
  • Uprights – 5″ Galvanized Steel Uprights

Details You Will Appreciate!

  • Best Of The Best Category Winner!
  • Elegant Cognac Colored Walls!
  • Buttress – This Pool Models Do Not Use Buttresses!
  • Installation Manual – Mt. Loch Assembly Instructions

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3. Deluxe, 54″ Wall – Honorable Mention!

deluxe round above ground pooldeluxe oval above ground pool

The Deluxe Above Ground Pool Kit is a fresh new blend of good looks, great design, and long-lasting solidity. It’s easy to install and guaranteed for decades, this is a true investment in summer fun and was the Honorable mention winner. The Deluxe pool walls are resin-coated corrugated steel with a stainless steel access panel, providing protection against corrosion, gasket failure, and water leaks.

The 8″ Top seat and uprights are both injection-molded Resin, eliminating corrosion risks and guaranteeing long-term dependability. With Resin Top and Bottom rails, you can rest assured that adding a salt water system won’t damage your pool! The Deluxe did not snag the 1st or 2nd spot but did manage to land Honorable Mention in our Best Above Ground Pools list!

Deluxe Above Ground Pool Kits


Features You Will Love!

  • 54″ Pool Walls
  • Top Seat – 8″ Extruded Resign Top Seat
  • Top & Bottom Track – Resin
  • Top & Bottom Connector – Resin
  • Uprights – Resin
  • Stainless Steel Access Panel
  • Fully Salt Water Compatible!
  • All Models Buttress Free!
  • Honorable Mention In Best Of The Best!

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Compare Above Ground Pools

ModelPretiumOhanaMt LochSterling BaySilver SeaCentury
Wall Height52″52″52″52″52″52″
Top Ledge6″7″6″7″7″7″
Bottom RailSteelSteelSteelResinResinSteel
Salt Water CompatibleNoNoNoNoNoNo
Wall Height54″54″54″54″
Top Ledge7″8″8″8″
Bottom RailResinResinResinSteel
Salt Water CompatibleYes*YesYesNo

These Above Ground Pools are Not intended for diving.

These above ground pool kits are designed for swimming only.

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