Swimming Pool Kit Deck Installation: Step 10

Concrete Swimming Pool Kit Deck Installation


1. Ensure the tops of the braces are exposed so the concrete can bond to the brace.
2. Ensure the coping clips are installed over the coping joints. Use painters tape to completely cover the face of all coping, protecting it from splashing concrete.
3. Concrete should be a minimum of 6″ thick at the pool edge and taper down to 4″ on the outer edge.
4. For proper drainage, the slope must fall 1/4″ for every 1′ of width.
5. Install ladder/handrail anchors, as required, when forming the deck. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
6. Ensure concrete completely fills the coping.
7. Ensure concrete completely fills the gap under the lip of the step to provide additional structural support.
8. Broom-Finish the concrete for a non-slip surface or apply other concrete toppings, such as cool deck.
9. Edge and groove the expansion joints or use the expansion-joint material. Do not position expansion joints directly over the pool wall braces.
10. Use additional support (piers) down to undisturbed earth when the deck extends more than 4′ from the pool wall.
11. Pour the deck at least 8′ wide where the diving board is installed.

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