Inground Swimming Pool Kit Dig Sheets

Hampton Pool Kit Dig Sheet Blueprint

 Hampton Swimming Pool Shape
12′ x 24′ x 2’R x 5′ Deep *ND
14′ x 28′ x 2’R x 5′ Deep *ND
16′ x 32′ x 2’R x 8′ Deep
16′ x 36′ x 2’R x 8′ Deep
18′ x 36′ x 2’R x 8′ Deep
20′ x 40′ x 2’R x 8′ Deep
24′ x 44′ x 4’R x 8′ Deep

Swimming Pool Kit Dig Sheets Notes:

  • 16 x 32 and bigger-sized pool kits dig specs are diving pools as a standard.
  • R = Radius of inground pool corner on your pool dig specs
  • Bowtie = Both ends slope to the center of the inground pool kit, so this is a NON-DIVING SWIMMING POOL KIT
  • Wedge = Gentle slope, so this is also a NON-DIVING SWIMMING POOL.
  • This is just a small sample of the Inground Pool Dig Spec Sheets available.
  • If you don’t see the pool dig specs you are looking for please contact us!


Hampton Swimming Pool Kit Dig Sheets Questions

If you have questions about our Inground Pool Dig Spec Sheets please feel free to give us a call at 800-515-1747 or send us an email, [email protected]

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