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Pool Warehouse sells American Made in-ground swimming pool covers! Our safety pool covers are double stitched with webbing on the top and the bottom to ensure strength and longevity. Our pool covers come with everything you will need to install them like – brass anchors, steel springs, spring covers, installation rod and a caring bag. Each swimming pool cover has a 20 year warranty and is made using only the highest quality cover material available.  This combination of American craftsman ship and top notch materials gives you a product that will never tear, rip, crack or fade.

Protect your swimming pool with the best solid or mesh winter safety pool cover available!

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    American Made Safety Mesh & Solid Winter Pool Covers!

Swimming Pool Cover Fabric Options

To provide you with the ultimate satisfaction, we have both mesh and vinyl pool covers available.  Our mesh fabric is designed to clear all the water from the surface of the pool cover at a water flow rate of 100 gallons per minute per square foot.  These mesh pool covers are woven with special fabric technology to block 94% of light to reduce algae growth under the inground pool cover.

Solid vinyl pool covers are designed to keep your swimming pool water crystal clear throughout the year.  Come spring, if the swimming pool cover was installed properly, your water will be crystal clear and opening your inground pool will be a breeze.  These inground pool covers are Taffeta reinforced to provide incredible strength which resist wearing.  Our swimming pool covers block 100% of sunlight which eliminates the growth of algae.  Or, get the best of both worlds, just ask us to add a mesh drain to your swimming pool cover!

Custom Fit

In addition to the unbeatable protect, your swimming pool cover is custom made to fit your pool!  Our covers are drawn using state-of-the-art CAD software to perfectly match your pools dimensions and machined with perfection to ensure a perfect, flawless fit.

Inground Swimming Pool Cover Installation

When you purchase an inground pool cover, all installation hardware is included.  All the tools you will need for installing the hardware and adjusting the swimming pool cover in the future are included also.  The hardware consists of TruSteel springs and covers, brass anchors and flanges, TruSteel D-Rings, and a stainless steel ladder lock. All inground pool cover hardware is manufactured using corrosion resistant materials.  This allows for a long lifespan.  The Springs Ladder Locks are made from stainless steel to eliminate rust and corrosion.  These springs hold the weight of your inground pool cover while at the same time, allows the pool cover to flex.  This results in flex under the most extreme weather conditions which allows for years of worry-free operations.  D-rings are zinc dipped steel preventing rust and ensuring integrity.  The two piece anchors are made of strong brass that is guaranteed never to rust or corrode.  To add a more attractive appearance to your deck, your swimming pool cover will include a set of brass flanges that install on the anchor.  Included with the hardware are the correct size Allen wrenches and an installation bar to allow for adjustments needed for anchors and removal of springs.

Safety is Our Priority

These inground swimming pool covers are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions.  Because of their added ethylene reinforcement strips on every anchor, your Inground Pool and coping are protected from damage even under the most severe of circumstances.  Safety is just as important to us as it is to you and your family.  With super strong polypropylene-bonded thread sewn here in the USA, mesh pool covers have a burst strength of 415 lbs. per square inch and vinyl solid pool covers a burst strength of 240 lbs. per square inch.  Protect your family and investment with the best swimming pool cover on the market.

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