Oval Swimming Pool Kits

At Pool Warehouse we also include all the equipment needed to completely install our Oval swimming pool kits.  All of our inground pool kits come with a 20 year warranty on the swimming pool liner of your choice, that warranty comes at No Extra Cost to you!  We go the extra mile by including the small things like sand for your filter and installation rebar.  Our inground pool kits are American made and the perfect project for any do-it-yourselfer who wants to save money and transform their backyard into a private resort!

Oval Swimming Pool Kits

Call 1-800-515-1747 and our Oval pool kit pros can walk you through the quoting process!

Oval Inground Pool Kit

Size 42" Steel Polymer Shop
12' x 20' Oval Pool Kit
(designed to 5'8" deep)
$4,895.00 Call For Quote Build Quote
14' x 28' Oval Pool Kit
(designed to 5'8" deep)
$4,895.00 $5,645.00 Build Quote
15' x 30' Oval Pool Kit
(designed up to 5'8' deep)
$5,095.00 $5,895.00 Build Quote
16' x 32' Oval Pool Kit
(designed up to 8' deep)
$5,195.00 $5,995.00 Build Quote
18' x 36' Oval Pool Kit
(designed up to 8' deep)
$5,695.00 $6,545.00 Build Quote
20' x 40' Oval Pool Kit
(designed up to 8' deep)
$6,295.00 $7,245.00 Build Quote
22' x 40' Oval Pool Kit
(designed up to 8' deep)
$6,495.00 $7,495.00 Build Quote

Oval Swimming Pool Kits

  • 14 Gauge Steel Swimming Pool Walls
  • Polymer Swimming Pool Wall Panel

Swimming Pool Kit Equipment

Premium Oval Swimming Pool Kits

Pool Warehouse doesn’t sell “Economy” Pool Kits that are missing essential parts or come with sub standard equipment that will need to be upgraded later. All of our in ground Polymer Pool Kits come standard with Premium Pool Equipment Products and top of the line Hydra Swimming Pool Panels! Pool Warehouse offers a complete line of polymer and steel wall pool kits, both pool kits will come with equipment need for installation.

Oval Swimming Pool Kits

If you have questions about our Oval Swimming pool kits, need help navigating the site or just have a general swimming pool related question, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-515-1747 or send an email, [email protected]

At Pool Warehouse We Know Oval Swimming Pool Kits!