20 x 40 Deck Mounted Automatic Pool Cover

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  • Can Be Added To Any Pre-Existing Swimming Pool!
  • Can Be Used On Free Form pools, Not Just Rectangles!
  • Can Be Added To Any New Inground Pool Kit!
  • Priced For Steps Located Inside Pool Perimeter
  • Call 800-515-1747 Now With Questions!
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20 x 40 Deck Mounted Automatic Pool Cover

This 20 x 40 Deck Mounted Automatic Pool Cover can be installed on top of your existing pool deck or added to new pool construction. The unique top-mounted track system will allow this pool cover to be used with free form pools. When installed the cover’s low profile track is securely mounted to the top of the pool deck and when automatically rolled up will be neatly hidden in a deck box (for new or existing pools) or a recessed in-ground housing box for new pool builds. The deck-mounted top track system includes tracks and all hardware, a pool cover and instruction on building your own DIY on a deck or recessed housing box.

  • Deck Mounted Automatic Pool Covers come in multiple colors.
  • The track mounts to the deck of the pool – easier than ripping out existing coping and deck!
  • Track is 1″ tall and has rounded edges, so you won’t trip on it.
  • Corners are not specific to the radius – just 90 degrees to cover the pool.
  • If you have an external step, the cover will not have a special step cover – the cover will just be larger. For example, 20′ x 40′ rectangle pool with external step would mean a 20′ x 44′ 90° rectangle cover.
20 x 40 Deck Mounted Automatic Pool Cover
Top Track Mounts Flush With Your Deck – Optional Pre-Fabricated “Bench Style” Cover Housing In White, Gray or Tan!

20 x 40 Deck Mounted Automatic Pool Cover Features:

  • SmartMotion technology to prevent cover overrun
  • Real-time user diagnostics
  • Electric drive mechanism
  • Track can be incorporated flush with concrete decks
  • Touchpad or Key switch operation
  • Cover Pump Included
  • Can be used on Free Form pools, not just rectangles!

20 x 40 Deck Mounted Automatic Pool Cover Options:

  • Vinyl on deck housing available in White, Gray or Tan.
  • Ladder hinges for use of internal pool ladder available.
  • Pre-Fabricated Bench Frame Available.
  • Sturdy aluminum lid that provides easy access to system components (in ground only).

Before Ordering – Please Make Sure!

  • The pool cover track width (x) the track length equals the pool covers square footage.
  • The pool cover track width must be a minimum 2″ wider than the pool on each side.
  • The pool cover track length must be a minimum 1-1/2′ longer than the pool on each end.
  • If you have stone or brick pool coping, then the cover track width must be made wider.
  • If your pool cover bench will be more than 1′ from the swimming pools edge then the track length must be longer.

Deck Mounted Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Installation

Pool Warehouse

Pool Warehouse has an American made top track Deck Mounted Automatic Pool Cover that will fit almost any pool size. Try one of our automatic pool covers today or give us a call with questions!
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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in

Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic Cover

Pool Cover Size

20' x 40'

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