Anti-Electrolysis Skimmer Basket Weight


Keeps skimmer basket in place, stops metal erosion and plaster discoloration due to Electrolysis.

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Anti-Electrolysis Skimmer Basket Weight

The Anti-Electrolysis Skimmer Basket Weight was designed to stop metal erosion, and plaster discoloration due to Electrolysis. Keeps skimmer basket in place.  Mounts to the inside or outside any skimmer basket. The Anti-electrolysis Weight Acts as a sacrificial anode – A sacrificial anode can be defined as a metal that is more easily oxidized than the protected metal. Electrons are stripped from the anode and conducted to the protected metal, which becomes the cathode. The cathode is protected from corroding, i.e., oxidizing because reduction rather than oxidation takes place on its surface.


Anti-Electrolysis Skimmer Basket Weight Features

  • A must for saltwater pools!
  • Helps protect pool lights from saltwater damage.
  • Prevents black stains from forming around the pool light.
  • Prevents, erosion of stainless steel and chrome plating on lights handrails and metal steps.
  • Safe for all pools
  • Attaches to the inside or outside any skimmer basket.
  • size: 3″ diameter
  • Weight: 6 0z.
  • Part shown in picture now attaches with new style plastic attachment not shown.

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