Foam Above Ground Pool Cove Forms


Perfect For Any Above Ground Swimming Pool Kit!

  • Foam Cove Sections Are 48″ Long
  • We Supply Enough Foam Sections For Each Pool Listed Below!
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Foam Above Ground Pool Cove Forms

We recommend that you use foam above ground pool cove forms on all pool kit installations. The foam pool cove is a vital structural element of your above ground swimming pool kit. A foam cove is needed to keep the vinyl swimming pool liner from coming out under the bottom of the pool wall. Pool cove forms can be hand built using sand and dirt or by using foam pool cove.
Foam Above Ground Pool Cove Forms

Foam Above Ground Pool Cove Forms Features

Our foam forms are 3 inch by 4 inch preformed coves made from chemically neutral Ethafoam, and is safe for use with all vinyl swimming pool liners. Lightweight and easy to handle, it comes in 48 inch long sections that bend easily without breaking and it is easy to install. Foam Above Ground Pool Cove Forms will not be washed out and will not hold moisture against metal components. This feature reduces corrosion and may add years of life to your swimming pool and its components. It is made from a high density foam, it will not change shape or indent, making cleaning your swimming pool easier. Install prior to spreading sand.

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