Grey Aqua Genie Inground Pool Kit Skimmer


The Aqua Genie can be added to any in-ground swimming pool kit – this is one upgrade you wont want to go without!


The Best Inground Pool Kit Skimmer On The Market Today!

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Grey Aqua Genie Inground Pool Kit Skimmer

At Pool Warehouse, we believe that you should spend more time enjoying your pool than you do taking care of it, and we’ve made that possible with the Grey Aqua Genie inground pool kit skimmer.  Our complete pool maintenance system has proven to be the best choice for pool cleaning and maintenance for over 20 years.  It’s simple yet sophisticated design saves you time and money- something no one else can provide.  Homeowners with an Aqua Genie Inground Pool Kit Skimmer see a 67% reduction in pool maintenance and cleaning time—meaning more time in your pool and less time with a net in your hand!

The Grey Aqua Genie inground pool kit skimmer provides maximum cleaning benefits previously neglected by other out-of-date skimmer systems.  The Aqua Genie’s two-pipe installation system is as easy as it gets.  One pipe runs from the Aqua Genie to the filter and another pipe returns from the filter to the Aqua Genie.  This amazingly uncomplicated design means installation is easy and less expensive than competing systems. The Aqua Genie can be used on inground pools that have a vinyl swimming pool liner.

  • Swimming Pool Kit Skimmer

    Front Side Cutout View

    A - Skimmer
    B - Pressure Chamber

  • Inground Pool Kit Skimmer

    Top Cutout View

    A - Oversized Leaf Basket
    B - Chlorine Cannister
    F - Chlorine Control Valve

  • Aqua Genie Inground Pool Kit Skimmer

    Middle Cutout View

    A - Top Plate
    B - Chlorine Cannister
    C - Weir
    D - Pressure Chamber
    E - Oversized Leaf Basket

The Aqua Genie’s leaf basket is oversized for maximum debris storage and also has a unique anti-clogging design so the pump is never starved, even at low water levels.  You’ll be able to put the net away and get in the pool faster than anyone else!

Hate measuring and adding caustic chemicals to your pool?  With the Aqua Genie’s convenient and refillable chlorine cartridge, you can safely and quickly add chlorine tablets to your pool.  Simply unscrew the lid and fill the canister with almost any size chlorine tablet.  The Aqua Genie Inground Pool Kit Skimmer also makes chemical treatment and chlorination is effortless.  With our new patent-pending chlorine control valve, there’s no need to walk back and forth from your pool to the pump house to make chemical adjustments…users can simply adjust the amount of chlorine distributed through the whole pool just by turning the dial on the Aqua Genies onboard chlorine valve.  This innovative poolside adjustment will not only save you time but money on costly chemicals.

The Aqua Genie’s circulation pulls more dirty water into the filter than other systems, using less water and saving money.  Less water means lower-power pumps can be used, which saves you even more money with a lower electrical bill.

The Grey Aqua Genie Inground Pool Kit Skimmer not only saves money but also saves time.  Each unit contains an advanced pressure chamber that drives filtered water to the bottom of the pool so dirt and debris are prevented from settling at the bottom.  This constant current of freshwater forces debris of all types back to the surface and into the skimmer for a quick vacuum — you save time and won’t even get your hands wet!  As an added bonus, the Aqua Genie’s constant water circulation means that your pool water will remain at a constant temperature from the surface of the pool straight to the bottom!

When you combine the Aqua Genie’s water circulation technology with its chlorine canister system and poolside chlorine control valve you can ensure healthy, crystal-clear water without over-chlorination.

Optional Water Tight Winter Cover!

Grey Aqua Genie Skimmer Winter Cover

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If you have questions about the Grey Aqua Genie Skimmer please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-515-1747 or send us an email, [email protected]

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Dimensions24 × 24 × 24 in

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Learning how to winterize your aqua genie pool skimmer is not hard! We recommend using the patented Aqua Genie Winter Cover to winterize your Aqua Genie skimmer.

  • You will need adjustable winterizing slip plugs for most pool jets, such as the pool step and cozy cove jets.
  • You will need threaded winterizing plugs for all pool returns.
  • If you have one or more Aqua Genies in your pool kit, you will need Aqua Genie winterizing covers.
  • If you will be using Gizzmos for your standard pool skimmer or Aqua Genies, make sure to inspect them for cracks.
  • You will need an air compressor or shop vac. This allows you to blow out your pool plumbing, pool pump, and pool filter.
  • You will need pool water test strips, and the necessary pool chemicals to adjust your pool chemistry. Some of the products needed are a non-toxic pool anti-freeze, Di-Chlor shock, granular winterizing (algaecide), and sequestering agent to prevent possible staining.
  • Now that you have all the right equipment you are ready to learn how to close and winterize your inground swimming pool kit

Once you have everything you need, you can begin the process of closing your beautiful new swimming pool kit! First, get your test trips and test your pool water. Some local swimming pool companies will test your water if you bring in a sample of your pool water. Most Local swimming pool companies that provide this service will normally provide instructions to assist you in balancing your pool water chemistry.

Before you begin adjusting your pool chemicals, remove any debris with your pool vacuum and net. Use your pool wall brush to scrub the walls and floor of your pool kit. At this point, if you need to do any adjustments be sure to get the necessary swimming pool chemicals. Follow the instructions on the back of the product. Failure to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions can result in liner fading and possible toxicity. Circulate your swimming pool chemicals through your system for at least 10 to 12 hours before backwashing your filter.

After your chemicals are balanced, remove any existing chlorine tablets from the skimmers, inline feeders or floating chlorinators and begin backwashing your pool filter. View the pool filter sight glass to determine when your filter is clean. Clean the basket in your pool pump of all debris. When you finish backwashing your pool filter and cleaning your pump basket, drain the water below the pool skimmers. (through the backwash cycle)

Use a compressor, or shop vac to blow out any existing water in the pool skimmers filter valve and pump. Any water remaining in your swimming pool plumbing could freeze and crack your pipes, resulting in leaks and costly repairs. When bubbles are visible through the pool main drain and jets, it is safe to add antifreeze and plug your jets with the appropriate winterizing plugs. It is not necessary to dive in your swimming pool to plug the main drain. When you blow out the suction line you will see bubbles coming out of the drain, plug the pipe at the equipment pad or close the gate or ball valve quickly. This will create an air lock in the line and prevent water from entering the pipe. Use duct tape to cover any exposed pipes as well as the pool skimmer deck lid. When complete place all parts eyeballs, plugs from pump and filter cap in the pump strainer to ensure they will not get lost.

How to blow out the return line on an Aqua Genie

  1. Remove the orifice plate and gasket
  2. Remove the plug on the front of the pump
  3. Insert a quick disconnect fitting for an air compressor
  4. Close the valve for the Aqua Genie
  5. Charge system with 20 lbs of air pressure
  6. Open valve
  7. Repeat several times until all water is out
  8. Use a funnel with a short piece of hose pour in about ½ gallon RV antifreeze down the return pipe
  9. Place the orifice plate gasket back in then a piece of vinyl or the (HS110S solid orifice plate) and re-install orifice plate
  10. Carefully insert the screws back in and tighten
  11. Blow out the suction line add ½ gal. antifreeze insert Gizzmo

Installing Winter Cover Gasket

To install gasket

  1. Start at the top center of the gasket channel. (See Sketch#1)
  2. The gasket is installed with narrow side of the gasket installed in the channel. (See Sketch #2)
  3. Work gasket into channel making sure is well seated

How To Winterize Your Aqua Genie Pool Skimmer

Assemble Winter Cover

Place threaded rod through the hole in winter cover, assemble in the correct order. (See Sketch#3)

Note: O Ring goes between Knob and cover.

Aqua Genie Winter Cover

Installing Winter Cover

  1. Remove Aqua Genie Cover to gain access for installation. (See Sketch #5)
  2. Orient brace from top to bottom corner of cover, with supports facing down. (See Sketch #4)
  3. Guide the assembled Winter Cover through Weir opening (you do not have to remove weir assembly) (See Sketch #5).Brace goes
    behind lip in pressure throat
  4. Hold the cover against the faceplate with one hand and rotate the brace until it is horizontal
  5. Turn knob by hand until gaskets seats on the faceplate. Brace will tighten against the lip on pressure throat. (See Sketch#6) (Caution: over tightening will distort the gasket)
  6. Drain water in basket well and follow pump and filter manufacturer’s winterizing recommendations.

Aqua Genie Winter Cover Installation

If you have questions about how to winterize your Aqua Genie pool skimmer feel free to contact us at 800-515-1747.