Hayward Aqua Connect Home Network AQ-CO-HOMENET


  • Control Your Pool From Anywhere In The World!
  • Available on E Command, Pro Logic, Aqua Plus and Aqua Rite Pro.

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Hayward Aqua Connect Home Network AQ-CO-HOMENET

The Hayward Aqua Connect Home Network AQ-CO-HOMENET premium remote pool management service allows you to monitor and control your pool from anywhere, 24/7/365.

You can hook the Hayward Aqua Connect Home Network AQ-CO-HOMENET into your own home network to control your pool from your laptop or pc and no monthly fees apply. The AquaConnect also allows you to control your pool equipment through any web-enabled device, you may upgrade to this feature through the following website http://www.aquaconnectweb.com/ Please note a monthly subscription fee applies to enable the web-connect feature of the Hayward Aqua Connect Home Network AQ-CO-HOMENET, the Home network feature does not have any monthly fees.

Hayward Aqua Connect Home Network AQ-CO-HOMENET

Note: The Aqua Connect requires the purchase of base receiver AQL2BASERF

Aqua Connect Web – (Monthly Fee Applies for Web Connect)

Aqua Connect Web is Hayward’s premium remote pool and spa management service. An Aqua Connect Web subscription will allow you to remotely manage your pool from anywhere. You can monitor, control and react to more than 100 conditions, parameters and settings. On the road? No problem – you have the same level of control with a web-enabled device such as a Blackberry®, iPhone®, iPad® or iPod Touch®. You can make virtually any adjustment just as if you were in your back yard.

  • Offers professional, cutting edge pool maintenance service
  • Receive alerts, and service history reports, charts and graphs to help identify trends
  • Protect your investment during the warranty period
  • Reduces chemical costs
  • Solve water and equipment issues before they get out of hand
  • Perform energy audits which save you money

Available on Pro Logic, Aqua Plus and Aqua Rite Pro.

Aqua Connect Home Network (No Monthly Fee for Home Network connection)

Aqua Connect Home Network is the network device needed to bridge pool and spa controllers with your home networks. If you would like to manage your own pool using your home computer, laptop or a Wi-Fi device. Or it can be used with an Aqua Connect Web subscription for the ultimate remote monitoring and control from anywhere.

Available on Pro Logic, Aqua Plus, Aqua Rite Pro and E Command.

Aqua Connect Home Automation

Aqua Connect Home Automation is ideal for those with a home automation system. It allows your pool and spa controller to interface seamlessly with your home automation system so that one keypad or display panel can handle anything from home theater equipment, security, lighting, landscape sprinklers and other backyard functions. It’s compatible with home automation platforms manufactured by Crestron and AMX – Available on Pro Logic only and requires, AquaConnect Home Auto Serial Interface AQ-CO-SERIAL.

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