Hayward Variable Speed Super Pump


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Hayward Variable Speed Super Pump

The Hayward Variable Speed Super Pump is the most efficient swimming pool pump on the market. The new variable-speed Super Pump VS takes efficiency to the next level with up to 80% energy cost savings over traditional single-speed pool pumps. Variable-speed pumps are the ultimate way to save energy. Most other variable-speed models, however, are oversized when compared to medium-head pool pumps such as Hayward’s Super Pump. The all-new Super Pump VS is right-sized, particularly for applications with 1.5” plumbing, providing tremendous energy savings that result in an even faster return on investment. Super Pump VS provides customizable speed, duration and priming time to match the needs of both aftermarket and new construction installations. Programmable timers and a totally-enclosed permanent magnet motor mean this pump meets the requirements of swimming pool efficiency standards such as Title 20 and APSP-15. Upgrade to Super Pump VS and save energy and money!

Hayward Variable Speed Super Pump

Hayward Variable Speed Super Pump Features:

  • Integrated, Programmable Interface, Customize speed, duration, and priming time while monitoring power consumption.
  • The digital interface shows power consumption for immediate feedback to maximize energy savings.
  • Advanced Motor Design Permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) design provides incredible energy efficiency and reliability.
  • Incredibly quiet operation, especially at energy-saving, lower speeds.
  • Exclusive, Swing-Away Hand Knobs Allow easy strainer cover removal without tools.
  • 110 Cubic-Inch Basket Extra leaf-holding capacity.
  • See-Through Strainer Cover Easy to see when the basket requires cleaning.
  • Self-Priming Capability Suction lift up to 10′ above water level.

Hayward Super Pump VS Performance Data:

Hayward Super Pump VS Hayward Variable Speed Super Pump

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