Solar Spa Ring


One Size Fits All Spas

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Solar Spa Ring

Using the same principles of the Solar Spas Rings for pools, the patented and affordable Solar Spa Ring provides a great option to a bubble or foam spa blanket.  Available in one round model only the solar spa cover fit spas form 68″ to 102″.  The inflate the chambers for the correct sizes.

1 Solar Spa Ring provides 21,000 BTU’S OF HEAT PER PER DAY – All FOR FREE!

Solar Sun Rings

Extend the use of your spa and slash your energy bills with Pool Warehouse’s innovative Solar Spa Ring. Solar Spa sun rings are vinyl discs which lie on the surface of your swimming pool and use heat energy from the sun to raise the temperature of your spa.  More specifically, the upper clear layer of solar sun rings holds insulating air and also focuses sunlight on the lower blue layer of the discs.  The blue layer of pool solar sun ring absorbs approximately 50% of sunlight and converts it to heat while allowing the remaining sunlight to pass into the spa for deep water heating.  Enjoy the same solar heating technology to maintain the temperature in your spa!  Spa Rings can be trimmed to fit spas and hot tubs 68 to 102 inches.  One size fits all spas.

Solar Spa Ring Features:

  • Each Solar Sun Ring will provide 21,000 BTU’S of heat.
  • The Solar Spa Ring is a passive solar spa heating device that is made from two sheets of heavyweight U.V. resistant vinyl.
  • Rings are inflatable.
  • 60″ in diameter.
  • Should cover the spa’s surface.
  • One size fits all spas.

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