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Taylor Technologies Pool Inspector Swimming Pool Test Kit

Water sanitation, bather safety, and health code compliance—these are the major items health officials focus on when inspecting public pools and spas. The Taylor Technologies K 2007 test kit is designed for such compliance inspections. This kit contain the tests inspectors care about most: chlorine and bromine; pH, because of its impact on chlorine’s efficacy; and cyanuric acid (if the water is chlorinated and outdoors exposed to sunlight). Because inspectors use lots of cyanuric acid reagent, four extra bottles come with this kit. Also included is a 64-page, waterproof Pool and Spa Water Chemistry guide valued for its concise explanations and chemical treatment tables. With Taylor’s reputation as “the most trusted name in water testing,” you can count on accurate and reliable test results.

This kit tests for Chlorine & Bromine DPD (hi range), Cyanuric Acid and pH.

  • Bromine (Total) DPD (1-10 ppm)
  • Chlorine (Free & Total) DPD (0.5-5 ppm)
  • Cyanuric Acid (30-100 ppm)
  • pH (7.0-8.0)


The Taylor Technologies K 2007 Pool Inspector Swimming Pool Test Kit Includes:

(1) 2004B – Booklet
(1) 5136 – Instructions
(1) 7047 – Case
(1) 7049 – Case Handle
(1) 7294 – Label
(1) 8026 – Kimpac
(1) 9056 – 2000 Series Compare, BR & CL
(1) 9191 – Bottle, CAL (7&14ml) 1
(1) R-0001-A – DPD Reagent #1, .75oz
(1) R-0002-A – DPD Reagent #2, .75oz
(1) R-0003-A – DPD Reagent #3, .75oz
(1) R-0004-A – PH IND SOL, .75oz
(6) R-0013-A – Cyanuric Acid Reagent, .75oz

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Water Test Kit


Taylor Pool Inspector Instructions

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SDS Sheets

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