Solid Swimming Pool Covers

Solid Swimming Pool Covers are the perfect choice if you want to spend less time cleaning up your swimming pool in the spring.  Typically during the winter months exposed, uncovered swimming pools will tend to collect lots of leafs, twigs and dirt, all of which must be cleaned out before opening the pool for summer use.  Solid swimming pool covers will help prevent any of the outside elements and debris that winter brings  from entering the pool, making clean up in the spring a snap.  Not only do solid swimming pool covers keep out debris but they also stop the growth of algae.  They do this because they are solid and have a shade density of 100%, which means they will block 100% of sunlight, stopping the growth of algae all together!  So when you open your swimming pool in the spring, the water will be crystal clear!

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Solid Swimming Pool Cover Benefits

  • Center Mesh Drain Included
  • Breaking Strenth: 240 lbs. psi.
  • 12 oz Extra Tough Deluxe Material
  • Raised Rub Strip To Prevent Chafing On Coping
  • Center Step or Left/Right Located Step Included
  • Brass Anchors, Steel Springs & All Installation Hardware Included
  • Straps Sewn On Both Top & Bottom Of Cover For Added Strength
  • A Nylon Taffeta material is bonded between two layers of PVC for added strength.

Our Taffeta reinforced solid swimming pool covers resist wearing and provide superior strength which other non-reinforced covers can not duplicate.  These solid covers are meant to keep rain and melting snow out, leaving properly treated water clean and clear till spring.  Remember these covers are solid, standing water must be pumped off the top to prevent drowning risks to children or pets that might stray onto the pool cover.  We also offers this cover with a mesh drain for those who love the advantages of a reinforced cover but don’t want to pump off puddled water.

Our solid swimming pool covers covers also have a burst strength of 415 lbs. per square inch which makes for a long-lasting, durable, safe, super-strong swimming pool cover.  We’ve also Added ethylene reinforcement strips on every anchor point help protect your pool and coping from damage even under the most extreme weather conditions.  No other swimming pool cover on the market can give you this kind of peace of mind.  Because of the advanced design and manufacturing, Pool Warehouse is confident that this solid swimming pool cover will give you years of protection.

We understand that you want every part of your investment protected.  That is why each swimming pool cover has ethylene reinforcement strips sewn to every anchor point.  This additional detail is designed to protect your swimming coping from damage caused by the cover rubbing against the pool wall all winter long.   Because of the advanced design and manufacturing, we are confident that this inground pool cover will give you years of safety and protection.

Solid Swimming Pool Covers Includes

  • Heavy Duty Hex Key Tool
  • TruSteel Springs and Spring covers for all anchor points
  • Brass Anchors and flanges for all anchor points
  • TruSteel D-Rings
  • Aluminum Anchor Installation Tool
  • Stainless Steel Ladder Lock, not cheap plastic!
  • Stainless Steel Cover Installation Tool
  • Ethylene Reinforcement Strips on every anchor point to prevent damage caused by the cover rubbing against the pool wall and coping.

*Also all solid swimming swimming pool covers that do not have a drain will be sold with an automatic pump, which must be used at all times to prevent water from puddling on the covers surface.

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