Swimming Pool Kit Installation Warnings: Step 1

Basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following: Failure to follow instructions can cause severe injury and/or death. SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH CAN RESULT FROM THE IMPROPER INSTALLATION OR USE OF THIS POOL.

Pool Kit Installation Warnings

Pool Kit Installation WarningsWARNING – Before You Dig – Call 811! 811 is the phone number you call before digging to protect yourself and others from unintentionally hitting underground utility lines.


Pool Kit Installation WarningsWARNING – Risk of Electric Shock. All electrical wiring MUST be in conformance with applicable local codes, regulations, and the National Electric Code (NEC). Hazardous voltage can shock, burn, and cause death or serious property damage. NOTICE – A licensed electrician must do all wiring.


Pool Kit Installation WarningsWARNING – Risk of Electric Shock. Failure to ground all electrical equipment can cause serious or fatal electrical shock hazard. Electrical ground all electrical equipment before connecting to an electrical power supply.


Pool Kit Installation WarningsWARNING – Risk of Electric Shock. Failure to bond all electrical equipment to pool structure will increase the risk for electrocution and could result in injury or death. To reduce the risk of electric shock, see installation instructions and consult a professional electrician on how to bond all electrical equipment. Also, contact a licensed electrician for information on local electrical codes for bonding requirements. Notes to electrician: Use a solid copper conductor, size 8 or larger. Run a continuous wire from external bonding lug to reinforcing rod or mesh. Connect a No. 8 AWG (8.4 mm2) [No. 6 AWG (13.3 mm2) for Canada] solid copper bonding wire to the pressure wire connector provided on the electrical equipment and to all metal parts of swimming pool, spa, or hot tub, and metal piping (except gas piping), and conduit within 5 ft. (1.5 m) of inside walls of swimming pool, spa, or hot tub.IMPORTANT – Reference NEC codes for all wiring standards including, but not limited to, grounding, bonding, and other general wiring procedures.


Pool Kit Installation WarningsIMPORTANT INSTALLATION INFORMATION: Installation should be done strictly in conformance with all local building codes, electrical codes and other building and safety laws and regulations. Among other things, that your installer should carefully analyze the need to bond the product to prevent an electrical hazard. Failure to properly install this product could result in a dangerous condition, including but not limited to electrical or structural hazards. Hydra Pools disclaims all liability arising from the installation and the user assumes all risk associated with the installation.


Pool Kit Installation Warnings WARNING – Make sure to install the safety rope anchor devices and the rope and float assembly.


Pool Kit Installation WarningsWARNING – DO NOT DIVE OR JUMP UNLESS YOUR POOL IS A DIVING POOL. IF YOU DIVE OR JUMP INTO YOUR POOL YOU RUN THE RISK OF PERMANENT INJURY OR DEATH. Enclosed in the liner box is the safety envelope. The safety stickers must be installed as per instructions. Failure to properly install warning labels will void warranty. Alert all visitors and family of the risks associated with jumping and/or diving and point out all warning labels supplied. Failure to mount these safety labels may subject you to substantial liability in case of injury.


Pool Kit Installation WarningsWARNING:

  1. Everyone who uses the pool must know, understand and follow these instructions.
  2. This pool is designed for residential in-ground pool use only. This pool may not be used as an above ground or semi-above ground pool.
  3. Be familiar with the shape and depth of the pool before entering the pool.
  4. Take caution not to wear any objects or jewelry that may puncture your pool liner.
  5. If your pool is a Non-Diving Pool clearly mark it as such. Post stickers and signs to prevent diving. Failure to do so can cause serious injury or death.
  6. No roughhousing or horseplay should be allowed in the pool at any time.
  7. Do not use this pool if physically impaired or handicapped without your doctor’s permission.
  8. Do not use this pool with a history of heart conditions, seizures, back problems, or fainting.
  9. Persons taking medications, which induce drowsiness, such as tranquilizers, antihistamines or anticoagulants, should not use this pool.
  10. Drinking of alcoholic beverages before or during pool use can cause drowsiness, which could lead to unconsciousness and subsequently result in drowning.
  11. Do not drink alcohol and use this pool.
  12. Do not use the pool if the bottom is not clearly visible. At night, sufficient lighting must be available. It is the pool owners’ sole responsibility to provide adequate lighting for the pool bottom, safety signs and walkways, which exceeds minimum standards of the IES of North America.
  13. Be sure that all toys, chairs, and tables or similar objects that a young child could climb on be at least 4’ from the pool.
  14. Do not use the pool during electrical or rain storms.
  15. Provide fencing or an enclosure which is independent of the house as a closure around the entire pool area. The fencing must be made of durable material, check local codes for minimum height requirements, only use closures with self-latching locks to make the pool inaccessible to toddlers and uninvited guests. Make sure the gate is always closed. Be sure to follow local building code requirements for load capacity and fencing if using an aftermarket or homebuilt materials.
  16. See available Association of Spa and Pool Professionals (APSP) publications for more tips on pool safety.

Note: A qualified operator is needed for any heavy equipment used during construction.
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