Swimming Pool Liner Installation Tips

We’re excited that you’ve decided to save money and replace your old swimming pool liner yourself!  Please use these swimming pool liner installation tips as a guide to a successful installation.  Some think that installing your own pool liner is a daunting task for the homeowner who has never done it before, but you can do it!  Each manufacturer includes instructions with the swimming pool liner that will ship to you, please refer to those when installing your liner.  At Pool Warehouse we primary use vinyl swimming pool liners manufactured by Hydra Pools.  Hydra has over 20 years of swimming pool liner manufacturing experience and multiply factories around the USA so we can expect your liner will be made right the first time and delivered on time.  Also remember all of our liners come with a 20 year warranty!

Swimming Pool Liner Installation Tips

Step 1: Removing Your Old Pool Liner

  • Before you start MAKE SURE it’s not going to rain for at least 3-5 days.
  • First you will need to drain your swimming pool completely.  You can use a portable sump pump or rent a commercial pump from your local home improvement store.  Renting a sump pump will probably be faster, try and get one with at least a 1.5 inch hose and expect it to run for at least t hours depending on your pool size. Make sure to get enough drain hose so that the water you are draining will not return to the pool area – running it directly into a storm drain is best.
  • Remove all faceplaces (skimmer, main drain, returns, etc.) and step gaskets. A cordless drill will expedite this job:)
  • Now is the time to cut liner into sections for easier removal.  You can cut it into 2 to 4 pieces to make it easier; some also cut around the liner, 6″ below the bead track, removing the bulk of the liner then returning to remove the small amount still in the bead track.
  • Inspect floor and walls for anything that might damage your new swimming pool liner.  Take the time to make sure the floor is smooth and in good condition; duct tape all seams on the walls so they won’t show through the liner.

Step 2: Install the new liner

  • Please note, You MUST completely install your liner before beginning to fill it with water.
  • Position liner at deep end, outside the pool, with arrow facing the shallow end.
  • Remove from box and unfold width-wise.  Keep away from sharp objects like screws or screw drivers.
  • While two people hold the deep end corners, have two separate people take the shallow-end corners and pull the liner to the shallow end, keeping the liner away from any sharp edges. Avoid dragging the liner across the pool bottom.
  • Once in position, starting in the shallow end snap the liner bead into the liner track, adjusting the liner so the seams are horizontal across the pool.  It’s extremely important that the seems are lined up horizontally across the pool.
  • Once the liner bead is fully secured in the liner track all the way around the pool remove a small amount of the liner from bead and insert approximately 36″ of vacuum hose behind the liner – take care not to let the hose touch the pool base.  For best results do this on the opposite side of your skimmer and about in the middle of your pool.  Two vacuums may be necessary if you have a large swimming pool.
  • Tape hose into place and cover skimmer to create an air-tight seal for vacuum.
  • Turn on vacuum and let it pull the liner down into place.
  • Now adjust the fit of you pool liner as it is suctioned.  You may need to remove your shoes and enter the pool to help position the liner and remove any wrinkles.  Make sure to take all sharp object from your pockets before entering pool.
  • If the liner isn’t positioned right you may need to turn off the vacuum, reposition the liner by moving it around in the liner track and then re-apply the vacuum suction and finalize the fit.
  • When liner is pulled down snugly with no wrinkles, locate main drain by feel and install the gasket and faceplate.  Once faceplate and gasket are screwed on, carefully cut out the liner material inside the main drain and install the cover.
  • Do Not Turn Off The Vacuum.
  • Place garden hose in deep end of pool and start filling the pool, you may need to tape the end of your hose if it has sharp edges.  Do not begin filling your pool with water before you have the entire liner installed.  If desired, once there is 6″ of water in the hopper, a water truck may be used to fill the rest of the pool.
  • When water is 6″ deep in shallow end, remove vacuum and install step gasket/faceplates.
  • Once the water is 12″ to 18″ in the shallow end, the returns and skimmer gaskets/faceplates may be installed. Do not install these before those water levels, as the liner may stretch until then.

Alternate Way To Install Your Pool Liner

  • Instead of positioning liner at deep end, you may position the liner in the center of the pool (arrow side facing shallow end) and unroll it from there. This is extremely helpful if you are running short on help.
  • Follow remaining instructions from above Step 2
  • The above instructions should only be considered as a general guide.
  • You will need to follow the instructions that the liner manufacturer sends you along with your liner – they may have specific ways to install their liner that you will need to follow.
  • We cannot be held responsible if you follow the above instructions and the liner does not fit your pool.
  • These swimming pool liner installation tips are best practice but other factors could affect the fit, like incorrect measurements.

Swimming Pool Liner Installation Tips


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