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Available Pre-Plumbed With 6 Jets & Air Control Valve!

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Swimming Pool Kit Cozy Cove Spa

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The revolutionary Swimming Pool Kit Cozy Cove Spa from Hydra Pools combines both a swimming pool and a spa into a single unit. The Cozy Cove spa is actually part of your swimming pool, designed for three to six adults, with ergonomically designed seats for maximum comfort.  Six hydrotherapy jets are strategically positioned to massage the back, legs and feet for the soothing, relaxing comfort found in the finest spas.  And when you’re ready for a swim, just push off into the pool waters.  As an added bonus, you won’t have to go to the extra trouble of maintaining a separate pool and spa.  The Cozy Cove Spa is the perfect answer for those who want the very best of both a swimming pool and a spa.  The Cozy Cove is only $1499 when purchased with a Cornerstone Inground Pool and $1699 without shipping is included.

Our Swimming Pool Kit Cozy Cove Spa is vacuum molded from Luran®, a state-of-the-art thermoplastic material that offers strength and durability superior to traditional steps made of vinyl-coated metal or acrylic and fiberglass.  Because they combine exceptionally high impact resistance with an integral, one-piece design, the Cozy Cove Spa will last for years without corroding, splintering, delaminating or puncturing.  In addition, outstanding resistance to UV light and to extreme weather and ground conditions means even greater longevity.  And that means fewer service call-backs and more satisfied customers.

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