Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Specs

The APC’s THREE•SIXTY•FIVE™ is the automatic pool cover system of for vinyl liner pool owners who demand the very best for their backyard investment. This automatic pool cover unit is a unique combination of high-performance, year-round automatic safety cover and long-lasting pool coping system. This cover is mounted under the coping and requires that the pool walls remain square and parallel.

The complete automatic pool cover unit includes a high-density poly box, coping, electric motor drive, flush lid, premium grade vinyl, Invisa-Rope™, and limited 5 year warranty. A deliberately simple mechanical system and industrial grade components and treatments make our system the best and most reliable in the industry!

Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Specs:

  • This unit can be used with an 8′ diving board.
  • Chemical resistant webbing
  • This unit is available in 8 different colors.
  • Invisa-Rope™ that matches non-skid coping.
  • High-density polyethylene box housing for cover.
  • This unit will save money on chemicals, water and cleaning time.
  • This unit includes an automatic cover pump to keep rain water off the surface of your cover.
  • This unit includes a water resistant, 3/4 HP electric motor that delivers 1500 lbs of torque.

Automatic Swimming Pool Cover

Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Features:

  • This unit includes a 5 year limited warranty.
  • This unit meets industry safety standards (ASTM-1346).
  • This unit includes Personalized PowerTouch operation to secure pool in 45 seconds.
  • Automatic Swimming Pool Cover

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