Overlap Above Ground Pool Liners

Overlap Above Ground Pool Liners: Overlap above ground pool liners are the most economical option and are easy to install. They attach to the pool kit wall with coping strips that hold the liner to the pool wall. A coping strip is a piece of plastic that acts like a wide paper clip that runs along the top of your above ground pool kit wall. Since it “overlaps” the swimming pool wall from the inside, the pool coping strip ensures that the liner is held firmly in place. Multiple coping strips are used to precisely contour the entire length of the pool wall. Because overlapping may cause unevenness when installing, Overlap designs are typically limited to a solid color or uniform patterns. Many attractive styles are available and add a hint of style to a pool.

Overlap Above Ground Pool Liners

Above Ground Pool Liner Installation Accessories

Swimming Pool Floor Pads

Above Ground Pool Floor Padding

A pool floor pad provides an important protective layer between a vinyl above ground swimming pool liner and it’s sand or soil base. This acts as a vapor barrier to keep potentially harmful water away from metal components. In addition, pool liner failure due to puncture is minimized and heat retention is improved.

Pool Wall Foam

Pool wall foam is padding that helps to create a smooth wall surface while preventing rust, corrosion, and other wall degradation from puncturing your liner.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Wall Foam

Foam Cove Moldings

Make sure to place a foam pool cove around the bottom, inside circumference (where the pool floor meets the wall) of your above ground pool wall before installing your new liner. Foam cove moldings fill the void at the pool’s base, it helps eliminate stretching, pulling and tearing at the bottom, which can cause damage to your above ground pool liner. Also, it is easier to use than trying to mold your sand.

Foam Above Ground Swimming Pool Cove Forms

Overlap Above Ground Pool Liners

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