Inline Sacrificial Anode


  • A must for saltwater pools!
  • Runs Inline
  • Safe for all pools

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Inline Sacrificial Anode

An inline sacrificial anode is useful to those with salt chlorination systems. The sacrificial anode will help in preventing corrosion in your pump, filter and other items plumbed into your pools system. The anode attracts the corrosive elements that occur during the electrolysis process. A sacrificial anode can be defined as a metal that is more easily oxidized than the protected metal. Electrons are stripped from the anode and conducted to the protected metal, which becomes the cathode. The cathode is protected from corroding, i.e., oxidizing because reduction rather than oxidation takes place on its surface.


Inline Sacrificial Anode Features

  • A must for saltwater pools!
  • Runs Inline
  • Safe for all pools

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